the gentle essence of hemp the gentle essence of hemp

Hemp, one of the oldest plants known to men, is the essence of the precious Istta products. Our hemp, which grows under the Istrian sun, is renowned for its diversity, valued for its medicinal properties, and added to each and every Istta preparation. Discover everything there is to know about our process and find a perfect Istta for yourself, but above all…

discover Istria’s secret

Take a deep breath.

Step in between the neat rows of plants.

Where you are walking now is where our story of hemp begins, slowly growing on a plantation filled with orderly plots of plants and red soil, thanks to organic farming and skilled care of a dedicated team. Then comes the September harvest, when the extraction from hemp stems and seeds turns this feeling of harmony into a few precious drops and rich balms. Into Istta. 

this is where we reveal part of our secret


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound obtained through extraction from hemp stems and seeds. It is completely safe and has no psychoactive properties. Istta CBD-based products soothe, heal, help you relax, strengthen the immune system, and have anti-inflammatory effects. Use them according to your needs, for those moments when you want to feel better, both physically and spiritually. 

Istta method

The CBD used in Istta products is obtained in a special way. Through ethanol extraction, which stands out from other methods because it preserves the products’ clarity and purity, and enables a high level of production safety. That way, we do not disrupt the structure of the good chemical compounds found in the hemp – the cannabinoids. 

Istta hemp preparations

drops 5%

Istta CBD drops are a natural oily preparation. The Istta method ensure a high level of vitamin E and essential fatty acids’ usability in our body and skin. Used on one’s skin, the drops act as a natural barrier, preventing the loss of skin hydration. Istta drops with 5% of CBD are used to bring balance to our entire body and manage the stress, and act as a mild anti-inflammatory elixir. 


Here, we have three types of natural butters and jojoba oil combined with the CBD in a jar of healthy care. This Istta cream contains absolutely no artificial ingredients, nourishes all types of skin, and even has a soothing effect on problematic skin. Its nourishing texture evokes memories of balms and pomades our grandmothers used to make. 

drops 10%

Istta CBD drops with 10% of CBD in natural carrier oils. They are used for existing inflammatory processes, both inside and outside your body. They soothe the imbalance of your body and help with autoimmune skin reactions. Their soothing essence is also beneficial for occasional bouts of sleeplessness. 

drops 20%

These oil drops, with 20% of CBD, are used for the imbalance of the body, inevitable exposure to stress, and frequent insomnia. The CBD is a known ally in easing the symptoms of both psoriasis and dermatitis. The structure of this precious oil is also beneficial for oily and combination skin, as well as acne issues. 


This is a full-spectrum preparation with a pronounced density and 25% of CBD. The full-spectrum aspect of it means that, besides the CBD, you get more compounds that are naturally found in hemp, as well as many essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, proteins, chlorophyll, fibers, flavonoids, and terpenes. It is obtained from the stems and seeds of our Istrian hemp. 


This is the perfect solution for those relaxing moments, when you manage to steal some precious time to yourself. It is untainted by chemicals and has zero artificial aromas. Like all Istta products, it comes from organic farming and contains over 13% of CBD.

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